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  • 2nd Jun'20
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Help us design the world's best website and win exciting prizes.


The website is for Opengrowth University - Learn Entrepreneurship - "Venture into the Open"

A virtual university teaching entrepreneurship. 

The University will provide leaders and entrepreneurs to learn Entrepreneurship while building their own ventures. With a wide variety of courses and content, they can learn and implement at the same time. University will provide experiential learning. It will empower and enable individuals with innovative ideas to pursue and excel in their entrepreneurial journey and Create, Participate & Build in Game-Changing Ventures.

The task to be done: A website needs to be designed and submitted on the email id:

Terms and Condition:

1. Register your nomination on :

2. Submit your creativity by the 6th of July on

3. The results will be declared on 15th July 2020.

4. The work should be original.

5. Multiple submissions allowed.

6. OpenGrowth Management's Decision will be the final. 


Refer to the website below to get an idea :

Few links which can be on the website are :

Research domains
Center of Entrepreneurship
Center of Entrepreneurship programming
Our Coaches
Affiliates  -> Universities, Organizations
Take Classes
Find Incubation cell and Virtual Workspace 
Tech Licensing Directory
Our Blogs 
Teachers Profile
VC, Angels, PE
Teams&Innovation Circles
Univ Relations
Entrepreneurship Clubs
Research Projects/Internships/Exchanges

You can apply ur own creativity here as well !!

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