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  • 7th Apr'20
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Wouldnt you like to be a Leader or a successful entrepreneur or you have passion and zeal to learn and create winning teams? If your answer is yes, then :

Welcome to OpenGrowth University!!

We want to empower and enable individuals with innovative ideas to pursue and excel in their entrepreneurial journey and Create, Participate & Build in Game-Changing Ventures

Why OpenGrowth University?

OpenGrowth University will provide leaders and entrepreneurs to Learn Entrepreneurship while building their own ventures. With a wide variety of courses and content, they can learn and implement at the same time. University will provide experiential learning.

With the help of guest speakers who are best in the industry, the entrepreneurs will be able to listen to them and learn different perspectives and strategies.

An aspiring entrepreneur can learn about the domain he always wanted to but due to lack of knowledge and guidance, he was hesitant.

Research is the essence of any start-ups to succeed and we will do it for them. All they have to do is come to the university and access the research material and links provided on the platform.

Our coaches who are market players themselves and have several years of experience and have dirtied their hands, will guide the entrepreneurs and one can learn from their past experiences and mistakes or they can consult them if they have doubts or clarifications on their ventures.

With numerous affiliates, get certified in the desired stream and get benefitted from them.

*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

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