Sales - A Perspective

  • 2nd Apr'20
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What is sales?

Sales is a simple procedure of understanding the complex human behaviour. To understand the basic of sales, deep dive into the following articles:


The process of sales


Why and What the customer needs is the basic to begin with followed by the analysis of next steps : when, in what form, where, and how long will he need. Lets try to understand these a bit more.


  • WHY: It's essential to know what created the need or want for a certain product/service so that the repeat sales can be achieved and also it provides the input for product/service upgradation.


  • WHAT: Having understood the genesis of the demand it's easier to design the product/service as per the specifications which are driven by demand and market both. The details of the product/service are highly based on contemporary customer demand patterns so that the technology doesn't go obsolete easily.


  • WHEN: The theory of marginal utility always plays a role in our lives and so having a product/service exactly when we need is crucial in many sectors. You might want to have a coke on a sunny day or with your meal but not the first thing in the morning. Placement of the product/service is highly based on the study of when the customer will like to avail a thing and accordingly brands choose the place and time.


  • FORM: With the digital boom, likewise we see the classical televisions and broadcastings being replaced by online channels and service providers, similarly the taste of customers at larger has seen a paradigm shift in all sectors. Understanding the pulse of the new era and continually upgrading the features of the product/service helps brands sustain themselves in the competitive world else it takes very little time to go off the shelves or the market.


  • DURATION: The average life cycle of each product/service is pre defined and the same is taken into account for the repeat sales pitch. When the customer needs to be contacted again depends on the duration of the product/service.

Hence with the above concept in mind, it becomes a bit easier to analyze and act accordingly in the world of Sales.

Read the below articles to know the difference between Sales and Marketing.

To know how to build an effective sales team, read these articles:


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