Pandemic Boost for the Fitness Industry

  • 23rd Jul'20
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The year 2020 will forever stand out in the history books due to the unprecedented effects of COVID-19. The virus has caused large parts of the world to go into lockdown for almost 3-4 months. Flattening and then eliminating the curve has become a global priority and quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing have become the new normal.

Almost every sector has seen the worst of it due to this pandemic. The economy has suffered the most. Along with that businesses stand on the same pathway. Small shop owners, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and gyms have suffered a lot.

Thus, the people involved in such a business have to think for alternatives to be back on track. For their business to survive, the fitness industry made the decision to move their businesses online so that they can reach their members at home.

Read the articles around the safety concern of going to the gym:


Reopening Strategies Post Lockdown


Past lockdown, a lot of gym owners reopen fitness centres considering health and safety to be the most important factors. Everyone, from independent studios to larger fitness franchises are making plans to keep their facilities as safe as possible when it comes to reopening their gyms. Fitness industries are coming up with different strategies to build back and be on the track.

Here are some of the links you can go through to know gym owners reopening strategies:


Gym planning for life after COVID-19


Lockdown has been eased in a number of countries around the world. Many governments are now looking to implement strategies to help re-start their economies and allow people more freedom of movement.

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Home Gym Equipments


With gyms shut for over two months amid the lockdown, and coronavirus cases going up people have turned to virtual training. They ought to prefer home gym equipments and try virtual training tips.

Read the links below to know some of the home gym equipments to never miss your fitness centres:


Safety Plans – COVID-19 Proof


The world is facing the worst phase. Everything is at stake. Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine is now the new normal. Every action needs to be done with more precaution and safety measures, especially when it comes to visiting some public places such as gyms, restaurants, parks etc. 

Here are some safely plans to be taken care of while going to fitness centres. Click on the link below:

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