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  • 7th Sep'20
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Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers


A book has the power to bring any change and make you a better individual. It makes you a better thinker a better writer and allows you to experience other points of view. Books help to develop a way of thinking in every aspect of life.

Shelly Lazarus, head of a global company says, “everything attracts me as a reader, books about different cultures, countries, problems. I read for pleasure and to find other perspectives on how to think or alive a problem.”

So far this entire year has felt like a year if endless upheaval and change. Not a single aspect of society has gone untouched by recent pandemic, and business is no different. And this point of time, good books can be solutions to today’s problem.

Being a great entrepreneur doesn’t just mean making money when times are good. Great business leaders thrive during difficult moments, but that doesn’t make tough times any easier. Here are some famous that will help you shift your perspective.

1. Be the go-to by Theresa M. Lina


This book is all about how to own your competitive markets, make more money and build a connection with customers. Be the go-to, is it deep dive into how various companies become “go-to brands in the past and what businesses in today’s ever-volatile market needs to do to achieve that same status.

To read more about the book click on the following link.


2. Scared Economics by Charles Eisenstein


In a time when the economy seems to be undergoing an endless transition towards something new, it helps to look at history to forge a path forward. This book tells the story of how societies built on hunting and bartering turned towards capitalism. The main focus of the book is not on the bleeding edge of the business world.

Here is a complete detail of the book. Click on the link below.


3. Change the management by Al Comeaux


Businesses need changed focus on the small stuff. Everything needs change and there is nothing wrong with an occasional adjustment. This book bring the conversation about focusing on ways that radical change can help companies through any number of different issues.

You can find the complete description of the book on AI Comeaux’s website:

For more such books click on the link below and keep progressing.

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