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  • 5th Apr'21
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“Ten men started on a quest together. Years later, there was nothing heard of the nine men while the tenth man was telling this story to the hundreds of people right now.”



As human beings, we are bestowed with the most important role in the planet we live on. We, literally, control everything and every other living being that co-existing along with us. We have been building, shaping, and reshaping the world since time immemorial and if there is one reason that has made all of this possible then it has to be Purpose. Purpose to make life better, purpose to make this world better, and purpose to find a purpose to continue on this never ending path to either glory or damnation. And where there is a purpose, the impact of it is not so far behind.


Leaders, normally, can successfully articulate their purpose to their people and followers resulting in a proper plan of action bringing them success after success. However, there are often some who fail to explain the vision they hold, and that results in both professional and personal failure. This is because having is all about the clarity one can have to do something meaningful. Here, you can see tested thinking practiced by multiple organizations that can help you make the move “from purpose to impact.” It is divided into three steps:



  • Finding your purpose
  • Turning the purpose into action
  • Establishing the purpose to impact plan


Finding your Purpose

When it comes to finding a purpose most people are natural in doing so. They from their earlier ages themselves can introspect about things they want while others find the process to be tougher and uncomfortable. And if you are one of those people then you can start with looking at your life and figuring out the underlying trends major themes that defined your life so far in terms of strength, value, passion, and above all joy. It has been found that working with a small group who are trustworthy can be that mirror that reflects the craftsmanship in you. Thus, helping you in finding your purpose that you can start working on.


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Turning the Purpose into Action

Finding a purpose is only the beginning of the road, you need to put it into action to turn those ideals you carry into something meaningful that can have an impact on the world. How you take your purpose to impact takes a multidisciplinary view of both your personal and professional life. It helps you in coming up with a certain plan of action to accomplish your goal in a certain time.


Establishing the purpose to impact plan

The ideal way to approach things is to set a long time timeframe for the plan. This helps in making the goal seem achievable. Once the longer timeframe is set you can move into the next step. The next step is where you break it down into smaller goals set within more timeframes. Below are possible goals you can set within the whole goal:


  • Long term goals (3-5 Years)
  • Medium term goals (2 Years)
  • Short term goals (1 Year)
  • Immediate goals (90, 60, and 30 days)


While doing all of this you need to be critical while selecting people who you want to work with. As in your role of leadership they are going to be the advisor, manager, support system, and even life coaches to help you achieve your goals.




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