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What is Data Privacy?


Data privacy is the virtue of information technology, that deals with the ability an organisation or individual has to determine what data in a computer system can be shared with third parties. 

It is also known as information privacy. It is the connection between the gathering and dissemination of knowledge, technology, the general public expectation privacy, legal and political issues surrounding them.

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Importance of Data Privacy


Privacy is a fundamental right. Data privacy is important in a number of aspects. It is essential for you to be aware that your data is being stored and used by the host of companies. 

It’s important for every company to possess the private information of millions of customers which must be kept private in order to keep customers identities stay safe and protected and the company's reputation remains undamaged.

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Data Privacy Protection


Data protection secures data against unauthorised access. It is slightly different from data privacy. On the other hand, data privacy is about authorized access who has it and who defined it.

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Data Privacy Tools


There are different kinds of tools that are used by various IT sectors and other industries to keep a check on their data privacy. These tools help to make data protection simple and handy.

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Data privacy tools and software:


About is an initiative by for all the telcos and mobile operators to come together and support a common standard for ethical data exchange that is both privacy-preserving while being risk-aware. OpenGrowth takes an initiative to maintain anonymity, secure privacy and look overs risk awareness through the ethical exchange of data. It follows the privacy rules and OpenGrowth keeps a check on this before published any detail of the organization or their employees.

Recently, OpenGrowth became one of the stakeholders in the The Dynamic Coalition on Internet & Jobs at UN’s Internet Governance Forum. Read the article to know the details:


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