Best practices for digital payments Security: Cyber Security Essentials

  • 6th Apr'21
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Most definitely, the best thing shoppers can do today is to guarantee that they make careful strides in forestalling the crime or loss of pivotal information on their cell phones. Here are the Best practices in Digital Payments for ensuring Digital payment security.

●    Always use two-factor authentication to access your online and digital financial information. A simple username and password will make it harder for threat actors to gain entry to your accounts.

●    Use biometric security measures, such as fingerprint identification. This will help ensure that only you can access your money and use your device or application for payment.

●    Token-based authentication to better keep data and information hidden.

●    Be diligent about device safety and security. If you’re using your device to pay, ensuring that equipment is secure is imperative. Exercise caution when surfing the Web on your device by not clicking on suspicious websites or opening emails containing phishing attack.

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