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  • 13th Aug'20
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What are Digital Libraries?


Digital libraries are Internet sites dedicated to the creation and conserving of electronic book collections and ownership of other kinds of materials, without the necessity for end-users to buy the materials they want to consult and read. 

Digital libraries are mainly stored with sources of information that are accessible on the Internet in open access format, and they are considered for the ease of access to collections, the networking opportunities they offer, and the universal availability of their varieties of reading materials.


Role Of Digital Library


Digital Library serves a reasonable role in rationing expensive resources. Physical resources such as books and journals, films and videos, software and electronic databases, and technical tools such as projectors, graphics equipment and cameras are shared by a community of users. 

Libraries serve a cultural role in protecting, preserving and organizing ideas. Great endeavours of literature, art, and science must be preserved and made accessible to future learners. Libraries serve civil and intellectual roles in concentrating people and ideas. 

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Digital Library And COVID-19


Digital libraries are services that have been formulated and enhanced for years, but the current COVID-19 pandemic has made many users familiar with the service for the first time. Particularly because of the closure of libraries, during the pandemic, distinct efforts have been made to facilitate Digital Libraries and their assistance, as simply visible and active libraries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic closure, digital libraries earned rebuilt interest, with many new users who were able to be instructed to digital services. 

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