About INDIAai

INDIAai is the National AI Portal of India - a central hub for everything AI in India and beyond. A joint initiative of MeitY, NeGD and NASSCOM, the website aims to be the trusted content powerhouse in the backdrop of India's journey to global prominence in Artificial Intelligence. With a potential to add over $957 billion to India’s economy by 2035, AI and allied technologies possess the power and capability to become a force of social transformation and economic empowerment for the county. With this goal in mind, INDIAai is developed for creating and nurturing a unified AI ecosystem in the country to drive excellence and leadership in knowledge creation to develop an AI-ready robust workforce for future, as well as to use AI for fostering economic growth. The portal covers the latest updates in the world of AI in India and around the world through news and articles; offer insights into opportunities, scopes, and challenges created by AI. It also provide resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, students, professionals, academics, and other curious minds.

Raise 2020

AI can be one of the most powerful technologies known to man, dwarfing even the internet in its ability to transform and disrupt at scale. How can we harness this power to make a positive impact on society? How can we reduce the risk of amplifying human biases? India is a unique setting for these critical conversations. Its massive scale, diversity and speed of tech adoption makes it a remarkable playground for experimentation. A data-rich environment like India has the potential to transform lives globally and become the world’s leading AI laboratory.